Behavioural targets for 4 year old with possible ASD
  • Hi all
    I have just started working as a 1:1 support for a 4 year old with possible ASD (diagnosis imminent). He is having lots of input from Speech and Language but I need to support him in all areas including behaviour. I have quite a lot of knowledge of ASD (or ASC as I believe it is now called - Autistic Spectrum Condition) but I could do with some input from other practitioners re. working with a child of this age. It's a private nursery with max. 24 in the preschool room. Understandably he finds it very hard to sit still at circle time and I have introduced a shape which he sits on (but he often picks it up and moves it around). He spins around the room, runs when he's not meant to and finds it very hard to stop when asked to. Will rarely engage in an activity for more than a couple of minutes etc. so quite difficult getting standard obs. I was thinking of introducing Visual Supports (PECS?) as well as a daily timetable as I think these might help. He is expecting to start mainstream school in September and having worked in Foundation I am aware of the expectations so I want to try and prepare him as best as I can, yet at the same time want to be realistic. Any advice on strategies would be gratefully received!!
  • In my nursery we are having the same trouble with a child of the same age. We have began using a praising mechaisum, where we say "Well done child, you are playing nicely." However, the problem with our child is that he has a mental age of a two-year old and is language is also at the same age range.
    We have also began ringing a bell five minutes before it is tidy up time, to help him into a system and limit the child 'acting up' before hand.
    If the child doesn't sit down during circle times, we give him an option - whether he wants to build a toy or bring a toy into circle time and we sing songs, although we haven't used a 'special' seat for this child, so I might try and introduce that idea.

    Hope this helps.

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