OFSTED unreasonable request
  • On Friday evening 18th December, the day the nursery closed for the Christmas holiday, I received a phone call from OFSTED asking me if I had seen an email they had sent me that day (after the nursery had closed) asking me to complete a form for 'registered persons'. I happened to be 205 miles away at a Christmas party at the time. On checking my email I see that the message, (sent to me as I said on the evening of the break up for Christmas) commands me to complete and return the form WITHIN 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!! In other words the 25th December! This entails me returning 205 miles home and interrupting my family holiday and going into the nursery to obtain the various information that they have asked for. This is totally outrageous. Who on earth does this organization think it is?
  • Hi whmon

    Thanks for your message. Usually official requests work in terms of working days, so was this definitely not the case?

    Please feel free to reply to news.nw@markallengroup.com rather than reply here

    Many thanks

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