The aim of the Baby Room Network
  • This is a place for baby room practitioners to meet, ask questions, discuss problems, and share knowledge. It has been created as a result of The Baby Room Project, which found that there were a lack of spaces for these practitioners to communicate with their peers.

    We invite all baby room practitioners to discuss any aspect of their practice. Is there something you want to sound colleagues out about, something you are unsure of, best practise you want to share? Then feel free to start a new thread or add a comment. The Baby Room Network is also a chance to meet other baby room workers in other settings.

    We hope you find it useful.

    For more information on the current state of play in baby rooms, see below:
  • I've just started in a new nursery, there is a room leader who is a keyperson to her grandson. I was wondering if this is allowed or does it depend on the nursery policies?

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