EYP's and EYT's?
  • Hello all, I gained my Early Years Professional Status in 2010 and after having 2 years off to raise my children, I am now looking at getting back into work. However, in the time i have been 'away' from childcare, the EYP route has been changed to EYT. After a quick Google, I can see the differences between gaining the two status' however, I cant find any information about if I can take the literacy and numeracy Professional Skills Tests to turn my EYP Status into a EYT Status? Is this an option or do I have to do it all again?

    Many thanks,
  • Hello Ellen,

    The two awards (EYP and EYT) are based on different sets of standards, as well as having differing entry criteria. I don't think you can 'convert' one to the other, however some training companies like Best Practise Network do offer certificates for employers explaining the two qualifications can be seen as equivalent.

    More info available here:



    Hope this helps

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