Online Learning Journals
  • Our setting is thinking of changing to online learning journals, so was wondering if there was any nursery out there that currently uses them and what software programme you would recommend. Is Apple I Pad better or Android tablet?
    Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly received.
  • my concern would be the safety aspect of it being online. What do your parents think?
  • Hi Grace
    On-line journals are the way forward. It takes lot of time and effort writing and maintaining the daily diaries and journals, not to mentions it storage cost.

    With regards to safety, today's software are secure and reliable. Before finalising any product, please ensure the following:
    - it is from a reliable provider
    - the data is encrypted
    - do not hesitate to obtain references
    - see if you can trial the product before investing in it

    As for selecting between the tablets, Apple is an expensive brand compared to android tablets.

    Hope this helps.

    Online Diary management software
  • Hi, We have been using Eylog for just over a year. Photos/videos cant be shared on social media by parentsand the data servers are secure. Took the staff a bit of getting used to but it has been a massive help. Works on the tesco hudl 2 as well which is only £99
  • Eylog can provide you with Samsung Galaxy Tab which are locked so that only that software is on them. I thought this was excellent.
  • Not sure if you've already found a solution but thought i'd mention LearningBook, they lock down tablets too so can't have access to other things like email and the way it looks is really nice aswell

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