Being the Owner/Manager Stress
  • Is there anyone on here that is an owner and a manager of a pre-school. I am and finding it quite stressful recently (I am also a single parent). I currently employ 5 practitioners and I am thinking about employing a manager but just not sure finance wise. Just wondered if anyone else is an owner/manager and how you juggle it all or if you employ a manager and how that works. Comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • I have recently just opened my pre-school and I too am the owner and manager of the setting. I only have 3 other staff members and yes it is very stressful. I am also a key person! I cannot employ a manager as my finances won't stretch that far so it is down to me. Time management is key but I am rubbish at time management!! I have to make lists to remind myself to do all the things I need to do and this is kind of working. I think maybe a good way to manage all the work would be to allocate different things to do at different times of the week/month.....
  • Dear TinyTot14. Sorry to hear you are finding managing your pre-school stressful. I'm an Owner and Manager and employ 8 staff and also have 8 key children. I agree the role can be very stressful, but feel it is important to have some key children to enable you to keep up with current practice. I mostly work from home in the evenings as am resistant to spending my time doing admin in the office when what I like doing best is being with the children - the most important part of the job. All staff, including myself are allocated non-contact time and often mine is used for paperwork tasks, filing and phonecalls. Good delegation is key, but often allocated tasks can be left uncompleted or not done, so you have to keep on top of that too. Good Luck and well done for doing what you're doing! Best wishes.
  • Hi all
    I opened my nursery 4 years ago and was overwhelmed by all the tasks and hats that come with being an owner manager. At times it is a lonely place to be, even though I have seven wonderful staff members that give me their full support. I agree with KathD you have to delegate. Look for your staffs individual qualities and utilise them. You need to trust in your staffs capabilities and they will rise to the tasks and enjoy the responsibilities. I write 'to do lists' I can then prioritise in order of urgency. These list make you feel good as you cross them off, but in reality, it never gets any shorter. I am just completing my Foundation Degree, which I have done over 4 years with the OU. Pressure led to a few tears at times, but I got through it. You are all doing wonderful jobs and I take my hat off to you all. TinyTots14, it will get easier.

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