Hardest meeting I will ever do..
  • Hi all, I would appreciate any views on delivering negative news to parents about their child's developmental progress. Being a male nursery teacher I feel my practice is always under the spotlight and would like to do this as sensitively as possible. Of course, clearly presented evidence and compassion are key here..

  • Some people suggest a 'sandwich' approach where you start with a positive, then say your negative news, before ending on a positive note. However, most people can see through this manipulation. Instead, try this https://hbr.org/2013/04/the-sandwich-approach-undermin/
  • Go for the "Poo sandwich":

    "Your child is a great climber, he may well be the spawn of Satan, but he's great with Lego."
  • Maybe come up with some solutions for the problems to discuss through with the parents? That way it shows you are supporting them and you are not against the child in any way.
  • I find that if you think there is problem, then the parents do as well. As soon as you start to mention it, they will say that they have noticed it as well, then like Vicky said help them to find a solution and not turn it into a negative

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