Is it getting harder to get the right CPD?
  • With local authorities providing much less training for nurseries and childminders, how are you accessing the CPD opportunities you and your staff need?
  • As a CPD provider, I await responses with interest! Now that LAs have a lesser role, it's also very difficult to get information about support out there to settings..
  • we have been offered online cpd for the last 3 years. it is completely useless.We learn nothing it is just a tick box exercise cheap and quick as we do it at home. when we were reviewing it none of us had taken anything away. Find a good local trainer for a group it is prob just a tiny bit pricier but effective and being able to share and discuss is invaluable
  • We are in the process of opening a day nursery and will provide our own CPD. The plan is devise our own training package in house.

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