Qualification up grade?!!
  • Good evening, I've been working with children since I was 14, and have a Btec national diploma in early years, I've worked in nurseries (as both nursery nurse, key worker, senco, room leader and as a deputy manager) . I then married and moved to Germany (husband is British Army) again was deputy manager in a nursery here, then went on to have my daughter and am now pregnant with my son. Once back in the UK next year I want to go back into child care, but have heard my qualification will be defect?? is this true?! How do I upgrade?! can I start to upgrade my qualification whilst here in Germany now or do I need to be based in a setting?! I would like to look into going down the special requirements route as well. And am no stranger to studying, as whilst I've been "just a stay at home mum" , I have done my health and social care level 4 as well as my mental health level 4.....just to keep the brain ticking :-D
    Any information, and pointers in the right direction would be gratefully received :-)
  • Hi Mrs KP

    There is lots of confusion about this because of new, more stringent rules on GCSE grades needed by people taking the new EYE qualification (minimum grade C for English and maths). If it is that which you are referring to, the answer is no, you don't have to upgrade. I have this direct from the DfE yesterday:
    'Staff holding existing qualifications will still be able to practice. The new requirements [over entry rules for EYE] will not be applied to qualifications retrospectively. This will ensure that practitioners already holding qualifications are not disadvantaged by the changes.'

    hope this helps.

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