Men In Cooperative Childcare
  • Earlier this Year Cooperative Childcare launched an initiative to increase the number of men in their workforce.

    "Our aim

    Today across all 47 of our nurseries, only 2% of our practitioners are male but we want to change that and are pledging to make a difference. Our aim is to have at least 2 male practitioners working in every one of our nurseries by October 2014. That will give us a 10% strong male practitioner work force to rival current national statistics stating that just 2% of men work directly with children in the early years."

    Well, it's October. Does anybody know if they've achieved their target? Or if not how close they got? Personally, I think they would be doing really well if they even got halfway there. I emailed but didn't get a response. Can nursery World follow this up please? It's great that people are trying to make our sector more representative of society, but trying your best and then keeping your methods and results secret so nobody else can copy your success or learn from your...not quite success, is hindering the men in childcare aim.

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