Do I have a chance at securing a Job where I do my placement?
  • Hi all :)
    So at the moment I am doing my Level 2 in children and young people's workforce with college and I do two days on placement at at nursery near me. I really enjoy it and would love it if they actually employed me once I'm Qualified. I just don't think I have much chance though because I hear these days nurseries prefer Level 3 or above. But surely because I've been there a while now and I know the staff and children, I get on with everyone I think why not me?
    If they don't I'll have to look elsewhere, but do I have a good chance of getting a Job in a nursery once I have my Level 2? Because I'd rather find a Job before going straight onto Level 3.
    It's just whenever I look for nursery Jobs I mostly see they're wanting Level 3 or above.
    Appreciate any feedback :)
  • Ask! If you want to advance your career you will need to develop assertiveness and communication skills.
  • I'm working up to asking lol, I'm sceptical though because I'm aware they're more interested in a Level 3 Qualified. Thanks for your comment :)
  • Settings will choose Level 3 or Level 2 dependant on their experience, knowledge and initiative. By asking if you have a chance it will show the manager that you have the initiative and confidence to perhaps deal with any other issues within the nursery such as decision making or dealing with parents.

    There is a requirement for settings to have L3 qualified staff, but they don't all have to be. Discuss with your manager your intentions of completing the L3 course, it will show that you will be aiming for that soon and you never know they might be able to help you train!
  • Thanks a lot for your advice! It's all up in the air at the minute, I've asked but they can't give me a yes or no, they just say nearer the time when I'm coming up to being Qualified they can look into it, which is a good and bad thing really but I'm hopeful!

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