Setting up
  • How long did it take for you to get a visit from OFSTED from paying your invoice? We have close to 9 weeks before we plan to open...what are the chances........?
  • Are you brand brand new? If you already have an existing setting it shouldnt take any longer than 4 weeks... Depends how busy they are if your new though.
  • Does anyone have any experience of going through the legal process of 'change of use' from residential to D1 status?
  • For a new setting, registration can take up to 26 weeks. They won't come and visit until you are ready to go, literally! I had my registration visit on the 12th December and opened on 5th Jan. The registration visit took 7 hours!!!!!!
  • I also setting up a new preschool...what exactly happens at the registration visit..thanks
  • I'm planning to set up a new Nursery, exactly what level 3 qualification do I need?
    I have 2 years experience as a supervisor in a nursery and 5 years in an Early Years setting but my level 3 is in Play Work in the EYFS, is that enough?
  • Hi all im new to this group and just in the process of setting up a nursery. Just wondered what happens during the registration ie the sort of things OFSTED look out for? could do with some advice from experianced nursery owners as well as new.

    Thank you

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