Importance of reflective practice
  • Hi all,
    I'm about to finish my level 3 and in the last module there is a question regarding the importance of the reflection in relation to professional development. I have shared below my researches, but I was wondering what all of you think about reflection. Personally I always try to look at my practice, reflect and find somehow to improve it. Does anyone think that reflection in the practice it's important?
    One of the theory that I find influential in learning and reflecting on our practice it is Gibbs' reflective practice, which is used after something happen to help the adults thinking about the response. Gibbs' cycle of reflection start from the description of what happened, then the adult will need to reflect on his feelings and do an evaluation of the situation itself. After the evaluation it will be good practice to analyse, so to give a sort of sense of what happened. At the end the adult will come to a conclusion and it will be good practice to think about an action plan that will help change the way the adult work.

    Thank you for your time, hope someone can give their thoughts :)
  • Hi, i'm also studying this unit for my level 3. I think reflection is very important when thinking about your practice and your own personal development. I agree that if you look at your practice and reflect, that improvements will be highlighted and then the necessary amendments can be made so that a more enabling environment can be made for all. I also think that, if you reflect when you look at your own personal development that you can see what your strengths and weaknesses are and make plans for training, plans to research and you may see that their are different roles that you are interested in. I have my own development plan and have regular supervision meetings with my manager and I think these are very beneficial to me and my practice for on going progression and development. One of the theories that I think have influenced this and that I find influential to reflection is that of John Dewey's, the theory of 'how we think' he thought that reflective thought and action is how the mind gathered knowledge and then came up with solutions. Dewey believed that we learn by doing with a hands on approach and that this is progressive education. Dewey thought that suggestions, experience and observations led us to make solutions and problem solve and that the mind can then be accepting of something else. I think this is a great break down of reflection and how it is used by us and how most reflections led to progression and development after analysing your reflection (used in your development plan or supervision and appraisals). Dewey believed that learning whilst doing with a hands on approach is how the mind works and I believe this to be true and that Dewey's theory that we make new suggestions or problem solve through experience is what we do to simply progress ourselves or our practice and to make it the best for all.
  • Hi Stacey, I think what you said it is very true. Reflecting on our practice can help us understanding strengths and weaknesses and consequently improving our every day job through training,CPD etc. Also one more thing that come into my mind would be having a discussion about reflection with colleagues, having a different point of view could also help us improving on our development.
  • Thinking about what went on is an element of being human. However, the distinction between chance ‘thinking’ and ‘reflective apply’ is that reflective practice needs a very aware effort to believe events.

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