Ofsted inspections
  • my nursery has just been taken over by a chain, which is really strange however my new boss keeps saying that she doesn't know how we passed ofsted which is lovely having so much positive feedback!

    She said you have to do action plans for each room that you run, does anybody know if this is right?
    She also said that ofsted checked all her windows at other nursery and thought it was crazy that our inspector didn't!

    I will admit that our nursery needs a paint job and some TLC but as I have told her my understanding is that ofsted are there to assess the care and education that the children receive and that are staff are amazing practitioners. In 15 years as a practitioner I have never had an ofsted inspector looking at windows of our nursery I am interested to know if anyone else has had ofsted assess the windows of a nursery or indeed any thing else? Does everyone do an action plan as she informs me this is a must!

    We are actually of the opion our new boss wants us out between us we have many years service with the same nursery and the new boss seems to have as many apprentices as possiable!

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