Supplement from Nursery World
  • Although I have yet to read this providers are disgusted and feel betrayed by NW publishing this supplement and are cancelling subs - the courtesy of comments, explanations from NW would be welcome.
  • Dear Linda. Nursery World is for the whole of the early years sector, including schools as well as the PVI nurseries, and it always has been. Our supplement is extra content, and is specifically about how to achieve best practice in a school environment, looking at reception classes for example, and at how to introduce a play-based approach to key stage 1 - a good thing I'm sure you'll agree. Young children are in schools, and we feel it is best to provide expert advice on the right approach and environment. We provide extra supplements for other specific groups such as Nursery Chains and Nursery Management. Anyway, please do read the articles and then let us know what you think.

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