Parents leaving their children
  • I work in a Nursery where we have a large amount of working parents who perhaps would rather be at home than work and they make the hand over in the mornings for their children very difficult. Many of them will insist on walking children into the classroom sitting them down having hug after hug and repeatedly tell the child how much they love them and that they will miss them and then slowly edge to leave by which time we find the children have become upset as they are aware that the parent is unsettled. The child then cries and the parent comes back and scoops them up and continues the I love you's kisses and hugs and then we are left peeling a very unsettled child of the parent. Then next day because it happened the day before and the parent is upset we re live the event. Next thing I know is the parent is sending me an email telling me the child is so un happy and what am I go to do about it. My response of course is they are fine after a few mins of you leaving they settle and are happy for the rest of the day. We do try our best to suggest a quick drop off and the girls in the rooms will have distraction activities for the children they know are unsettled. The parents get weekly observations of the children and we take videos to show that they are happy but this is not enough. ! wondered if anyone had any advice or links to articles as I would like to write a blog post for my parents to support parents in dropping off their children.

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