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  • Morning all. I'm currently in the process of setting up a nursery in Birmingham. Early stages yet, aiming to open by January 17. Just in the process of lease and legal side.
    I am opening the nursery with a friend. My background currently is a childminder so looking forward to a new venture. I'm aware of the framework and currently follow that so hopefully on the ball with that. We have a level 3 qualified employee waiting to start with us who also has a background working as a deputy manager. I look forward to browsing through everything available on here and certainly look forward to other nursery managers for advise and best practice. Very excited with it all.
    Any suggestions and ideas are very welcome.

    Regards nadira
  • Hi Nadira,
    If you have an employment law question, such as about pay and conditions, making sure your interview practices don't fall foul of the law, checking the status of employees from abroad, or understanding discrimination law, then we've a new agony aunt starting in the new year who can answer. Email your most pressing question to and we'll consider it for the column. Many thanks

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