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  • This is first post on here as am going to need lots of advice and support in the coming months. I am involved in a new venture, a Nursery in a Church Hall opening in Sept 17. My 2 colleagues are qualified teachers and I am a Level 3 Nursery Nurse with vast experience in Child Development, both in the Education Sector and the NHS. My role is to be the Nursery Manager. I feel confident in taking on this role as we will be creating it to our own specifications but at the same time meeting OFSTEDS requirements.
    I am looking forward to tapping in to this forum for lots of support from experienced Nursery Owners.
    We are at a very early stage, just waiting for the lease on the property to be made legal then we can start advertising.
    Any ideas, suggestions ect will be very welcome.
  • Hi Anne

    If you have an employment law question, such as about pay and conditions, making sure your interview practices don't fall foul of the law, checking the status of employees from abroad, or understanding discrimination law, then we've a new agony aunt starting in the new year who can answer. Email your most pressing question to and we'll consider it for the column. Many thanks

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