I could just cry
  • I found out today that a reception teacher is telling people not to use our nursery because the children who come from our nursery don't know anything. I've been so upset all day going though the children that have left to go to this school. Ive relised last year they had 2 of my Sen children, this has made me more angry as from their starting point to when they went to school was an amazing step forward all that hard work to be put down by a teacher who should be a professional. Over the years we have taken in so many children with sen and yes they may not have gone to school at the same level as other children but I would expect a teacher to understand why?!
    I'm not sure that theirs anything I can do but was interested in what others thought I could do?! We all work so hard for our children and to hear this from someone who must hold a teaching qualification higher then many if not all my staff is shocking.
  • "don't know anything"? Pretty vague. Could you ask the teacher what she means by that? If she's making accusations, ask her to back them up.

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